Thank you for visiting Gluten Free Prague!

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the Prague gluten free scene and to support gluten free restaurants, bakeries, and stores that operate in Prague. We’re grateful for every one of them.

We don’t sell anything on the site and don’t accept advertising. All listings on Gluten Free Prague are free.

As parents of a celiac, we often experience first hand how challenging it is to eat out or shop safely in our own city, let alone while visiting a foreign country. We also know how grateful one feels upon finding a reliable gluten free restaurant while traveling because time can then be spent discovering a new place and having fun instead of cooking meals in a hotel room kitchen.

When recommending gluten free restaurants, stores, and products, we focus on those that we have found to be safe for celiacs. Cross contamination is an important factor for us. If we’re not certain about a place or a product, we won’t take a chance. Our lists are therefore pretty tight. If you are gluten intolerant but are not bothered by cross contamination or if you avoid gluten for other than medical reasons, you’ll find a lot more options in Prague than those we list here.

Please let us know if you discover a celiac-friendly gluten free restaurant, bakery or store that we haven’t included or if you happen to have a bad experience at any of the places we list. We appreciate your feedback!

– Dana and Jeff

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